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The Review of the Pre‑Raphaelite Society, Volumes XXII–present

First issued in the Spring of 1993, The Review has appeared three times a year (except in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2008), when special issues on Burne-Jones, Ruskin, Millais and the Pre‑Raphaeilte Brotherhood each represented two numbers.

An annotated list of the main contents of each issue follows. Many of the issues are available for sale. Please contact us for an order form.

Information for Contributors to The Review:

Contributions to The Review on all subjects relating to the Pre‑Raphaelite Brotherhood and their successors are welcomed and encouraged. Please read the Contributors’ Guidelines.

Sending Books for Review

If you have a book on or related to the Pre‑Raphaelite Brotherhood, please feel free to contact our PRS Book Review Editor, Katja Robinson, by email or by post:

Katja Robinson

PRS Book Review Editor
Art and Architecture Library,
University of Edinburgh,
Minto House 20-22 Chambers Street,

We’re happy to receive anything you would like to send us for review, though we can’t promise to review everything.

Volumes XXII–present

Autumn 2016 cover

Vol. XXIV, No. 3, Autumn 2016 (Special Colour Issue)

  1. “A ‘Damned Proeraphaelite’? George du Maurier’s Ekphrastic Drawings for Good Words, Once a Week and The Cornhill (1860-65)” by Francoise Baillet.
  2. “Edward Burne-Jones’s The Planets: The Cartoon of Mars at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery” by Liana De Girolami Cheney.
  3. “’Images of Desire’: Twenty Sketches by Simeon Solomon (1868)” by Carolyn Conroy.
  4. “Symbolic Realism: Science and the Poetic in early Pre-Raphaelite Painting” by Lea Felicitas Doding.
  5. “James Smetham: Wesleyan Pre-Raphaelite” by Peter S. Forsaith.
  6. “”Her False Crafts”: Morgan Le Fay and the Wild Women of Sandys’s Imagination” by Sally‑Anne Huxtable.
  7. “Music & Memory: John Roddam Spencer Stanhope’s The Gentle Music of a Bygone Day and William Morris’s The Earthly Paradise” by Simon Poë.
  8. “The Problematic Art of Ilustrating ‘Moxon’s Tennyson’” by Heather Stevenson.

Summer 2016 cover

Vol. XXIV, No. 2, Summer 2016

  1. “An Interview with The Goblin Market” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  2. “The Pre-Raphaelite Madonna” by Mary Faraci.
  3. “Notes on the Lady – Correspondence between Paul Barlow & Theresia van der Meij” by Theresia van der Meij.
  4. “BMAG Residency” by Sevven Kucuk.
  5. “A beautiful corpse, as it were sleeping:” John William Waterhouses’s Awakening of Adonis and Bion’s ‘Lament for Adonis’” by Jennifer Bates Ehlert.
  6. “‘The Golden Stairs’ and ‘William De Morgan’s Blackbird Vase’” – poems by Sarah Doyle.
  7. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelites, Beauty and Rebellion by Christopher Newall” by Mark Jones.
  8. “Exhibition and Catalogue Review Julia Margaret Cameron: Photographs to electrify you with delight and startle the world, edited by Marta Weiss” by Madeleine Pearce.
  9. “Book Review Ophelia’s Muse by Rita Cameron” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  10. “Book Review Poetry in Beauty: The Pre-Raphaelite Art of Marie Spartali Stillman by Margaretta S. Frederick and Jan Marsh” by Nic Peeters.
  11. “Book Review Beauty’s Awakening: Drawings by the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Contemporaries from the Lanigan Collection” by Simon Spier.
  12. “Book Review Under The Cedar: The Lushingtons of Pyports by David Taylor” by Margaret English.
  13. “Book Review Wenlock Abbey 1857-1919: A Shropshire Country House and the Milnes Gaskell Family by Cynthia Gamble” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  14. Meeting Reports.
  15. “’In Wooded Dell’” – a poem by Thomas Knowles
  16. Notes and Queries.

Spring 2016 cover

Vol. XXIV, No. 1, Spring 2016

  1. “‘All Equal Before God’? Christina Rossetti and the War of the Sexes” by Gerald Roberts.
  2. The John Pickard Essay Prize Winner for 2015 “Millais’s Muse” by Kevin Hill.
  3. The John Pickard Essay Prize Runner-up for 2015 “The Gardens in the Paintings of Waterhouse” by Diana Tarlindano.
  4. “Nocturne in Blue” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  5. The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winner for 2015 “Winter’s Place” by Lavinia Singer.
  6. Announcement: The John Pickard Essay Prize 2016.
  7. Announcement: The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize 2016
  8. Enchanted Dreams Student Writing Competition: Critical Writing Winner—Max Price.
  9. Enchanted Dreams Student Writing Competition: Creative Writing Winner—Helena Hoar.
  10. “Exhibition Review: The Enchanted Dreams of E. R. Hughes” by Hannah Comer.
  11. “Book Review Art & Soul: Victorians and the Gothic Exhibition Catalogue by Joanne Parker and Corinna Wagner” by Peter Wise.
  12. “Book Review A Visionary in the West: Albert Goodwin in Devon and Cornwall by Peter Wise” by Aileen Naylor.
  13. “Book Review The Poetics of Sight by John Harvey” by Jorge Contreras.
  14. “Book Review The Nazarenes: Romantic Avant-Garde and the Art of the Concept by Cordelia Grewe” by Nic Peeters.
  15. “Book Review Arts and Crafts Stained Glass by Peter Cormack” by Alison Robertson.
  16. “Book Review Visual Culture in Britain Special Issue: Visualizing Identities” by Mark Jones.
  17. Meeting Reports.
  18. Notes and Queries.

Autumn 2015 cover

Vol. XXIII, No. 3, Autumn 2015

  1. “‘Twofold silence as the Song of Love’: the application of Pater’s concept of Anders-streben, within his discourse of Aestheticism, to Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s The House of Life” by Azelina Flint.
  2. “Richard Doyle and John Everett Millais: Their Tempests Revisited” by Naoko Asano.
  3. “Reinventing Malory’s Le Morte Darthur: Conflicted Chivalry in the Early Prose of William Morris” by Ellen O’Brien.
  4. “‘Art is Promoted by a Cultivated Mind’ A Victorian Collector’s Thoughts on Pre-Raphaelitism” by Duncan Walker.
  5. “Unfinished” a poem by Sarah Doyle.
  6. Announcement: The John Pickard Essay Prize for 2015.
  7. Announcement: The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize for 2015.
  8. “Book Review Sculpture Victorious Exhibition Catalogue by Martina Droth, Jason Edwards & Michael Hatt” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  9. “Book Review The Subject of a Portrait by John Harvey” by Jordan Kistler.
  10. “Book Review Those Wild Wyndhams: Three Sisters at the Heart of Power by Claudia Renton” by Helen Robinson.
  11. “Book Review The Many Faces and Voices of Angela Thirkell: A Literary Examination of the Brotherton Collection by Mary Faraci” by Mark Jones.
  12. “Book Review The People’s Galleries: Art Museums and Exhibitions in Britain, 1800-1914 by Giles Waterfield” by Madeleine Pearce.
  13. “Book Review Louisa Waterford and John Ruskin: ‘For you have not Falsely Praised’ by Caroline Ings-Chambers” by Nic Peeters.
  14. “Book Review The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 10, Index, Undated Letters and Bibliography” by Simon Cooke.
  15. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelites and Italy Exhibition Catalogue by Colin Harrison and Christopher Newall” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  16. “Book Review Liberating Fashion: Aesthetic Dress in Victorian Portraits by Rhian Addison & Hilary Underwood” by Katja Robinson.
  17. “Book Review Samuel Palmer: Shadows on the Wall by Matthew Vaughan” by Mark Jones.
  18. “Book Review Bodies of Light by Sarah Moss” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  19. “William Morris” a poem by Edward Nudelman.
  20. Meeting Reports.
  21. Notes and Queries.

Summer 2015 cover

Vol. XXIII, No. 2, Summer 2015

  1. “The Fall and Finale of Fanny Cornforth” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  2. “‘I Sleep, But My Heart Waketh’: Simeon Solomon and Walt Whitman” by Maho Sakoda.
  3. “The Yeats Sisters” by Eithne Cullen.
  4. “The Homecoming of Antogone” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  5. Announcement: The John Pickard Essay Prize for 2015.
  6. Announcement: The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize for 2015.
  7. “Book Review Sleeping Beauties in Victorian Britain ed. by Béatrice Laurant” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  8. “Book Review The Lost Pre-Raphaelite: The Secret Life & Loves of Robert Bateman by Nigel Daly” by Jordan Kistler.
  9. “Book Review The Gardens at Brantwood: Evolution of John Ruskin’s Lakeland Paradise by David Ingram” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  10. “Book Review Whistler: A Life for Art’s Sake by Daniel E. Sutherland” by Margaret English.
  11. “Book Review A Victorian Obsession: The Pérez Simón Collection at Leighton House Museum (exhibition catalogue)” by Amelia Yeates.
  12. Short Story: The Restorer by Charlotte Newman.
  13. “A visit to Christ Church, Southgate, London N14” by Sarah Doyle.
  14. Meeting Reports.
  15. Notes and Queries.

Spring 2015 cover

Vol. XXIII, No. 1, Spring 2015

  1. John Pickard Essay Prize Winner: “Talking that Talk: negatively speaking” by Zaynub Zaman
  2. John Pickard Essay Prize Winner Runner Up: “Famous Men and Fair Women” by Tony Presland.
  3. Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winners:

    • First Place: “From the Memoir of Georgiana Burne-Jones” by Shelley Roche-Jacques.
    • Second Place: “The Question of Shalott” by Valerie Meachum.
    • Third Place: “Beautiful Garden” by Sally Flint.
    • Poet-in-Residence’s Commendation: “Beata Beatrix” by David Webb.
    • Editor’s Commendation: “Who Maketh His Angels Spirits” by Kay Buckely.
  4. “Book Review Art for the Nation by Susan Avery-Quash & Julie Sheldon” by Simon Cooke.
  5. “Book Review Ellen Terry: The Painter’s Actress by Veronica Franklin Gould & Keremi Gawade” by Katja Robinson.
  6. “Book Review Edward Burne-Jones’ Mythical Paintings: The Pygmalion of the Pre-Raphaelite Painters by Liana de Girolami Cheney” by Amelia Yeates.
  7. “Book Review William Morris: Words & Wisdom” by Nic Peeters.
  8. “Book Review Anarchy & Beauty: William Morris and His Legacy 1860-1960 Exhibition Catalogue by Fiona MacCarthy” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  9. “Book Reviews Women in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Arthurian Renditions (1854-1867) by Jose Maria Villar, and Obsession: Images of Jane Morris by Jan Marsh” by Nic Peeters.
  10. “Book Review A Curl of Copper and Pearl by Kirsty Stonell Walker” by Serena Trowbridge.
  11. “Exhibition Review A Victorian Obsession: The Perez Simon Collection at Leighton House” by Madeleine Pearce.
  12. Meeting Reports.
  13. Notes and Queries.

Autumn 2014 cover

Vol. XXII, No. 3, Autumn 2014

  1. “A Social Call ” by Mark Jones.
  2. “Hoylandswaine: the Legacy of the John Roddam Spencer Stanhope Mural ” by Simon Brock.
  3. “Interweavings: Tom Roberts and John Everett Millais ” by Peter Wise.
  4. “Is Chatterton Shelley? ” by Mike Hickox.
  5. “The Look of Love: Seduction, Masochism and Conflicted Souls ” by Zaynub Zaman.
  6. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelite Cats by Susan Herbert ” by Jorge Contreras.
  7. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelite Seamstress by Amita Murray ” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  8. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelite Masculinities: Constructions of Masculinity in Art and Literature ed. Amelia Yeates and Serena Trowbridge ” by J.B. Bullen.
  9. “Book Review Ruskin’s Educational Ideals by Sara Atwood ” by Amelia Yeates.
  10. “Film Review Effie Gray Dir. Richard Laxton ” by Merryn Williams.
  11. “Impressions of Jane ” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  12. Meeting Reports.
  13. Notes and Queries.

Summer 2014 cover

Vol. XXII, No. 2, Summer 2014

  1. “Fanny Eaton: The ‘Other’ Pre-Raphaelite Model” by Roberto C. Ferrari.
  2. “In Defence of Walter Deverell” by Verity Holloway.
  3. “Ford Madox Brown’s The Bromley Family: A New Interpretation” by Brian D’Olier.
  4. “Christina Rossetti: Anti-Pre-Raphaelite” by Daniel Hinds.
  5. “The Languages of Dante Gabriel Rossetti” by Raphael Rigal.
  6. “The Divided Heart”, a poem by Sarah Doyle.
  7. Announcements for The John Pickard Essay Prize 2014 & The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize 2014.
  8. “Book Review The Girl in Green by Gillian Drake” by Katja Robinson.
  9. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelite Language of Flowers by Debra N. Mancoff” by Simon Cooke.
  10. “Book Review Persistent Ruskin: Studies in Influence, Assimilation and Effected ed by Keith Hanley and Brian Maidment” by Margaret English.
  11. “Book Review John Brett: Pre-Raphaelite Landscape Painter by Christiana Payne” by Aileen Naylor.
  12. “Book Review John Ruskin: Artist and Observer” by Simon Cooke.
  13. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelite Treasures at National Museums Liverpool by Laura MacCulloch” by Amelia Yeates.
  14. “Book Review The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland: A History by Annette Carruthers” by Katja Robinson.
  15. “Book Review Christina Rossetti’s Gothic by Serena Trowbridge” by Gregory Tate.
  16. “Dreamfall”, a poem by Sarah Doyle.
  17. Meeting Reports.
  18. Notes and Queries.

Spring 2014 cover

Vol. XXII, No. 1, Spring 2014

  1. “Edward Burne-Jones: The Reverse of Manliness” by Elizabeth Hill.
  2. “Two interesting illustrations by Millais for Tennyson’s St Agnes’ Eve” by Simon Cooke.
  3. “Maude Reading in Bed: Experiments in Whistler’s Art” by Jennifer Bates Ehlert.
  4. “Keeping the Pre-Raphaelite spirit alive: Laurence Housman and the art of bookmaking” by Audrey Doussot.
  5. Poetry Competition winners.
  6. Painting Competition winners.
  7. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelite Trail in Dorset by Peter Wise” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  8. “Book Review A Marriage of Inconvenience by Robert Brownell” by Merryn Williams.
  9. “Exhibition Reviews: The Pre-Raphaelites and the Middlemores & Character, Landscape & Emotion: the continuing influence of the Pre-Raphaelites” by Ian Macsporran.
  10. “Theatre Review: Lizzie Siddal by Jeremy Green” by Madeleine Pearce.
  11. Meeting Reports.
  12. Notes and Queries.

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