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The PRS Team

The PRS team are a group of enthusiastic volunteers who give their time for the benefit of the Society and its members. We are always looking for new volunteers to join our team!
If you would like to get involved, please contact us for more information.


Chair: Dr Serena Trowbridge
Vice-Chair: Katja Robinson

Review Editor: Dr Zaynub Zaman
Treasurer: Geoff Greenwood
Secretary: Elise Ross
Membership Secretary / Mailings Co-ordinator: Margaret English

PRSUS Editor: Tim McGee​
Events Co-ordinator: Chimaine Ross

Podcast Lead: Karl Merrick
e-Newsletter Co-ordinator: Melodie Robson
Digital Distribution: Rod McGregor

Book Reviews Co-ordinator: Ester Díaz Morillo

Social Media Lead: Sheri Schrader



Social Media Co-ordinator: Hannah Squire
Social Media Co-ordinator: Dr Nic Peeters

Post-Graduate Network Co-ordinator: Emily Learmont

Podcast Co-ordinator: Alex Round

Professionals Network Lead: Sarah Hardy

For information about the Pre-Raphaelite Society Graduate Network:

Life President: Patricia O'Connor

Life Vice-President: Michael Adams

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