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The Pre-Raphaelite Society is lucky to have been able to arrange a guided tour of this beautiful house and estate.
Attendees to make their own way and meet at venue.

Madresfield Court and Estate is situated in the beautiful, rural Worcestershire and nestles between the Malvern Hills and the River Severn. It has been home to the Lygon family for over 900 years and has never been bought or sold since records began in 1120. Madresfield Court contains some extraordinary examples of Arts and Crafts decoration. The carvings in the Library are considered to be the major achievement of the Guild of Handicraft based in Chipping Campden and were designed by Charles Ashbee with the involvement of the 7th Earl. 

The Chapel is considered to contain the most important scheme of decorative painting and probably the most famous of all the Arts and Craft schemes from the Birmingham Group. The wall paintings were designed and executed by Henry Payne and three young assistants and show an idyllic scene of innocent children playing amidst flower-strewn meadows. there are Forty-six different flowers and plants, all found on the Estate at the time.

Coming in July:
Acquiring Pre-Raphaelite Paintings for the Nation

An online lecture by Dr. Sarah Hardy
Director of the De Morgan Foundation

Saturday, July 20th - 11 am / Via Zoom

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