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The meanings of the ‘face of a woman’ (from a contemporary review) occupied the artistic practices of the ‘modern Pre-Raphaelites’ as it had the works of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, or PRB, founded in 1848. The style, subjects, cultures and meanings of the Pre-Raphaelites profoundly shaped the works of a large, albeit inchoate, grouping of artists working from the 1880s well into the 20th century. These ‘Modern Pre-Raphaelite’ artists saw the advent of modern times, the growth of cities, popularised use of electricity, the arrival of motor cars and aeroplanes and later the Great War, yet paintings continued to feature maidens, chivalric knights, guardian angels, ghosts and fairies. Older visual languages and desires for spiritual comfort were carried over in intriguing ways into the modern age of film, X-rays and the Titanic.

Alice Eden is a cultural historian, writer and curator. She is delighted to have published Spirituality, Feminism, Pre-Raphaelitism in Modern British Art and Culture, (released April 2024), with Routledge/Taylor & Francis, after many years of work. Alice completed her PhD in the History of Art at the University of Warwick, held a postdoctoral Fellowship in the Institute of Advanced Studies, Warwick, 2016-17 and was an Early Career Curator, Tate/Paul Mellon Centre, 2019-20. Alice was co-curator of Modern Pre-Raphaelite Visionaries and its touring show, Dreams and Stories: British Art 1880-1930. This exhibition featured ‘forgotten’ ‘late Pre-Raphaelite’ artists and British Symbolists. Alice edited a publication for the exhibition and completed comprehensive catalogue entries. she has also published several articles and blog posts. Alice’s research interests include ‘forgotten’ British artists, Pre-Raphaelitism, Victorian and Edwardian British culture, feminism and spirituality, spirituality in art and music across the twentieth century. Alice is working on a potential book featuring images of women and the Fantastic as well as a monograph of the artist Frederick Cayley Robinson (1862-1927) who features in her new publication by Routledge.
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