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The PRS Review


The Review is the Society’s principal publication, published three times a year and dated Spring, Summer and Autumn. The publication contains articles, book reviews, illustrations and 'Notes and Queries', and offers the opportunity for all members who are interested in research and writing to contribute in a very satisfying way to the Society’s life. Members now have the choice of receiving the Review either in printed booklet form or emailed as a PDF file.
First issued in the Spring of 1993, the Review appears three times a year except when special issues on individual artists are published. Single special colour issues devoted to DG Rossetti, Holman Hunt, JE Millais, Ford Madox Brown and Simeon Solomon have been published.

Review Archive Index
The Review Archive Index records every issue and its contents, from its first publication in 1993 to its current issue.

Back Issue Availability
If you wish to purchase back issues of The Review, please head over to our shop.


Information for Contributors

Contributions to the Review on all subjects relating to the Pre‑Raphaelite Brotherhood and their successors are welcomed and encouraged. Essays submitted to the Review may also have the opportunity to appear on the Victorian Web; a selection of each year's essays will be judged and the winners - with authorial approval and permission - will also be mediated on our partnership site.

We have put together an article starter for download here, which describes our editorial and Word house style.

  • Articles should be between 1,500 and 3,000 words.​

  • Reviews should be between 750 and 1,000 words.

  • News items and other short opinion pieces are also welcome.

  • Articles may be edited at the Editor’s discretion but subject and format will not be substantially changed. If reviews go over the word limit contributors will be asked to edit them down.

  • If we could also please ask you not to try and format your documents into the ‘style’ of the journal as it is easier if all of the submissions are sent as standard Word documents.

  • The Pre-Raphaelite Society is not in a position to pay contributors. However, contributors will receive a free copy of the Review and reviewers will be able to keep the book they review.

Deadlines for submitted essays/reviews are as follows:

Spring Issue: 1st February
Summer Issue: 1st May
Autumn Issue: 1st September

Sending books for Review
If you have a book on, or related to, the Pre‑Raphaelite Brotherhood, their circle or followers, please contact the PRS Review Editor via our contact form. While we are happy to receive anything you would like to send us for review, please note that we cannot promise to review everything.

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