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McGee. There are many important collections of PR art and materials in North America that relate to Victorian art scholarship. As an alternative to a separate US branch of the Society, a newsletter covering the American Pre-Raphaelite collections, events and people was proposed, to be included in the thrice-annual packet mailed out to all members. Mr. McGee, being a graphic designer by trade, took on the project. Over 60 issues of the PRSUS have been published since its inception.

We are especially proud of the notable contributions we have been able to include in our newsletter, including previously-unpublished content. Authors, curators, collectors and educators have lent their expertise on the many Pre-Raphaelite connections to America; Rossetti scholar Dr Jan Marsh, curator Margaretta Frederick, biographer David Elliott and collector/bibliographer Mark Samuels Lasner are among the many, and several ongoing relationships with museums and libraries have developed in the process.

We provide useful information such as itineraries of exhibition tours, news of acquisitions and sales, and discoveries of PRB works in smaller, regional museums. We have also covered events and collections in Canada, Australia and Puerto Rico.

The PRSUS welcomes all Pre-Raphaelite-related content involving the US, including American authors writing on the movement. Average length: 800 words, and accompanying images are welcome (newsletter is b&w).

To contact the PRSUS Editor, write to:

Tim McGee             
935 Hunter Lane
Santa Rosa


Or e-mail:

Or use our webform.


The PRSUS newsletter, begun in 2001, grew out of an idea proposed by California member, now PRS Trustee, Tim

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